Karma is a divine belief that is all about cause and effects. The thinking is that if we put good into the world, goodwill comes back to us. Life is like boomerang what we give, we get in return. Karma is like a mirror. Karma fixes everything in life. One should not waste time on revenge. The people who hurt us will sooner or later face their own karma.

In life, nothing happens by chance, by destiny. We create our own destiny by our actions, and that’s what karma is. Everything we do comes back to us. We should do good for others. Eventually, it will come back in starling ways.

One should keep their circle positive. One should say good words. Even one should think good thoughts and do good deeds. As karma goes around will come around. As god is seeing everything.

One should forgive the person and their actions, and should never give in to hate towards that person, let it go, as karma will do what is meant to be. And most importantly how people treat us is their karma. And how we react is ours.

The catastrophe (evil) we do remains with us. The good we do comes back to us. So, one should put positive vibes and should think positive and not think about others’ bad. Karma is something that cannot technically be proven. The idea of karma is thousands of years old, as what we do eventually comes back to us. Whatever we do comes back to us, whether it’s good or bad. We are the reflection of what we put in front of the world. So, one should stay positive. As karma keeps us on the right path.

If we give good things to the world, then overturn our karma will be good, and we will receive good. If the good is inseminated the good is collected. As positive things return well.

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