I could grasp out to touch you,

You’re so close to me,

In frame, but not in essence,

I hunch that’s why you can’t see.

When you’re here adjoining me,

My pleasure runs soaring and bygone,

Stealing glimpses, dreaming, but,

Will this go on eternal?

You are here !

Here with me !

So near,

Yet so far, You smirk (smile) at me,

My soul (heart) stops beating,

When you smile at another,

The resentment starts eating,

Devouring at my heart,

Eating at my head,

I only wish this love,

I have for you was departed !

You are here,

Here with me,

So near,

Yet so far !

I protracted to say, i love you,

To you, the one i hold so treasure,

But everytime i say it,

You’re so far that you can’t hear !

You are here, Here with me,

So near,

Yet so far !

But there’s consistently the desire,

There’s constantly the dream,

And one day i aspire,

Your appreciation (love) for me will brim !

You are here,

Here with me,

So near,

You always, always and,

Always so far !

So this poem indicates or expresses regret and sadness we have got very close to accomplishing, what we wanted, but in the end, we just failed. It’s heartbreaking to be so near, and yet so far.

There comes a time when we meet someone and we just want to make them smile for the rest of our life.


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