Love travels as far as we let it. The absence of a person makes the heart grow fonder, but it sure makes the heart grow fonder, but it sure makes the rest of you lonely. Certain is it that there is no kind of affection, love so purely heavenly as of a father to a daughter. Father and a daughter relationship are so pure and lovely. Distance can’t separate two hearts whether one is in heaven. As fathers play a keen role in the development of their daughters from the moment they are born. This bond is priceless and has true/pure affection towards their relation.

I’ll tell you a story about a girl whose father was everything. Her father meant the world for her. That girl’s father loves her very much. The family was very happy. But as per not always the things remains the same. The girl and her father have many golden memories of childhood. The family was living a happy life. But according to god’s wish, no one can change. The family never thought about it, but God had made some other plans, as God has created some other way to live their life.

One day there was a family function in one of the relative’s homes of that girl. The whole family went there it was the marriage of her cousin brother. Everyone was happy and was enjoying and dancing. The girl wasn’t so older, she was studying in 11th standard. The family enjoying it all together. One night just changed their life. Everyone just boarded towards the palace. But in between something happened and which changed the life of that girl and her family like a roller coaster. Her dad met with an accident and he died on the spot, and everything happened in front of her eyes. It seems like nothing has left with her as she loves her dad more than anything in the entire world. She was begging for water just like a beggar on the road. Her father was lying on her mother’s lap. It was the worst time and feeling for her as well as for her family. The next morning when everyone comes to know that her father is no more it felt like in the blink of the eye everything was finished. After seeing the condition of her family, her mother, brother, she didn’t cry, she made herself so strong to overcome any situation and difficult times, and she break-in. She just consoled her mind that her father is always with her.

She promised herself not to cry and look after her family, as she has to be strong enough as she had responsibilities on her shoulder. She used to cry silently when she is all alone. Many difficulties lead her way but she knows that her father is always with her in every situation. She knows distance can’t separate them from each other. She knows how far her father is but she always cheers herself and always missed her father with a smile on her face. The girl was totally broken from inside, but she never showed her feelings in front of anyone. The only thing that mattered is that she loves her dad unconditionally and whenever she missed her dad, she always remembered him in a happy mood and with a smile.

It’s been eight years and she did the same, she misses her dad but never cried, rather that she smiled while looking into the sky and remembering the wordings and sayings of her dad as well as she used to talk to her dad with a smiling face, as she knows distance never separates her from her father. Distance can’t apart anyone, as they must be in their hearts forever. She always prays for the happiness of her father wherever he must be. As the wordings are true, Dad is the daughter’s first love, so no distance is too far, and no other love can break them apart.

Losing a father often means losing a protector, a guiding hand, a best friend, and a superhero. A father brings light into our darker days. There is an undesirable amount of grief after losing a superhero. I know that no matter what, you will always be with me. You are always there in my heart because there you are still alive.

I think of things you used to say, And all that you would do, At some point, every single day, my thoughts will turn to your I know this wouldn’t be your wish, that I would be forever sad, I always try to remind myself, of happy memories of times we had together and I always remember you with a smile, so that wherever you are you stay happy. As I know we both can’t be together now and even can’t be with each other but you will stay safe inside my heart and forever be.


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